ARTISTI / Francesco Vezzoli / TAKE my TEARS

Francesco Vezzoli

Serigraphy with gold glitter application on Hahnemuhle 320 gsm paper
50 x 70 cm

Edition of 50 + 10 artist's proofs
Each example is stamped, signed and numbered

The edition is printed by Arte3 – Alberto Serighelli, Milan


The genre of self-portraiture and the detail of the tears are both recurrent elements in the work of Francesco Vezzoli. The artist deals with issues of identity and camouflage by using his own image and its mise-en-scène, in a game of emulation and critique of the narcissism permeating the art system. The tears rolling down the cheeks of the icons of the past are present in Vezzoli's works since the beginning, from those embroidered with Lurex of Audrey Hepburn and Maria Callas, to the blood red tears of Anna Magnani. Tears are also at the heart of Vezzoli's retrospective titled The Museum of Crying Women, designed with Rem Koolhas and Hans Ulrich Obrist for the QM Gallery in Doha, Qatar (2013). "Universal are the tears and the pain, that is the core theme of all that I do", sais Vezzoli.

illustrator: Paolo Orlandi